4 Sales-Boosting Pricing Strategies

When selling any type of good or service, one of the biggest struggles is naming your price. The following research from different psychological studies proves that simple strategies have big effects on sales and profit. The Decoy Effect A study done by Professor Dan Ariely at MIT found that consumer preference between two options changes [...]

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All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options in 1 Epic Infographic

When creating Facebook Ads, knowing what options are available on the platform may be the most difficult part to master. Fasturtle's Social Media Paid Managers know the ins and outs of targeting on the platform. If this Epic Infographic makes your head spin, let us manage your Social Paid Spend for you [...]

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Planning Holiday Digital Ad Campaigns AKA Christmas in August | Heard on Money Radio

What's Your Holiday Digital Ad Campaign Plan? So it’s only August, you’re still sitting by the pool, nary a Pumpkin Spice latte in sight. That hasn’t stopped retail stores from stocking Halloween supplies. It might not be fall yet, but like the wise old squirrel, it’s time to start thinking about winter – specifically, the [...]

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Paid Digital Ads 101

Big data and artificial intelligence shape digital advertising. People leave data trails across the web, empowering algorithms to personalize ads and services to specific users. Ever visit an online shop, only to see an ad for similar products later that day? How about subscription services that keep you hooked by recommending products you like (looking [...]

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MOZ CON 2017 and Google SERP Changes | Heard on Money Radio

Today on Money Radio, Armando Nava joined us to discuss criminal law and DUIs in Arizona. As one of Fasturtle's clients, he also shared his experience with PPC ads driving revenue at his law firm. Thanks, brother! Hopefully, you won't be in a position to need his legal advice, but you can at least tune [...]

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Tips for PPC Ad Campaigns | Heard on Money Radio

Today’s Money Radio digital pro-palooza features pay-per-click ads. Eric and Graham took a break from telling you what to do in order to tell you what not to do. Hey, it’s for your own good. Grab your spoonful of sugar and read on, because we’re Mary Poppins, y’all. PPC Ads Dominate Online Conversions We like [...]

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Integrating Organic and Paid Media into a Unified Strategy

When it comes to attracting traffic, most experts will tell you to focus on organic traffic through the use of SEO (search engine optimization) and will often dismiss paid media as means of obtaining, such as PPC (pay per click) advertising as a short-term solution that isn't as cost effective as SEO and that doesn't have a [...]

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Top 5 Quick Tips for Effective PPC Campaigns

Top 5 Quick Tips for Effective PPC Campaigns Looking to implement a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaign can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you lack the knowledge on how search engines read and index pages, and the necessary campaign components to set up and run a cost-effective PPC ad campaign.  As one of the top [...]

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